Buying a Condo in Calgary?

Purchasing a Condo Requires Analysis

When shopping for a new condo, many buyers focus on their needs and wants, asking questions like these:


  • Is the condo in a desirable neighbourhood?
  • Is it near schools?
  • Is it close to work?


  • Is it large enough for our needs, now and in the future?
  • Are there enough bedrooms for our family?

These are all important questions. However, the questions you DON’T ask are just as important:

  • Will my dog be allowed?
  • Are there rental restrictions?
  • Is parking limited? What are the parking rules?
  • Is smoking restricted?
  • What types of fences are allowed?
  • Are any major repairs being planned?
  • Has a reserve study been done?
  • Are the reserves under-funded?
  • When was the last time dues were increased?
  • Has there been a special assessment? Is one planned?
  • What percentage of owners are delinquent? Are renters?

We do the homework for you!

As a condo purchaser, it is crucial to get all the information on the corporation that you can — before you sign off on a condo purchase. Calgary Condo Docs performs the “due diligence” on your behalf and helps reduce your risk. We analyze the financial health of the corporation and determine if there are potential liability issues.

Be condo smart … use Calgary Condo Docs. Contact us now!

Buying a Condo?

Avoid a paper headache by letting a condo specialist do the detailed research. Leave the heavy lifting to Calgary Condo Docs (CCD)!

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