Condo Document Review for Realtors

Protect You and Your Clients

As a professional realtor, your clients are your priority. You’ve addressed their needs by finding them a suitable condominium: one with the right price, location, public transportation, financing and amenities. You are now ready to write an offer. Or are you?


Don't forget—or fail to cover in detail—Section 8.1 (a) of the purchase contract: the Condominium Documents Condition.

There are a large number of documents that are required to be furnished to the client. See the list of condo documents required to be reviewed.

Protect your clients' investment with a review of the condominium corporation.


Without a diligent condo document review, you, as their realtor, could be held liable if there are any issues after occupancy. Does this sound daunting to you? Or, do you not have the time? Then protect your client; protect yourself by arranging for a condo document review by CCD today!

Use an experienced condo-document service provider to help you and provide extra protection for your clients.

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