Condo Documents

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Protect Your Investment

Ultimately, that's what you want after you've found your perfect condominium and are about to commit your hard-earned dollars on your home: to protect your future investment. That's where Calgary Condo Docs (CCD) comes in.

CCD is a condo-document review service provider in Calgary that specializes in analyzing condo rules, regulations and financial documents, and communicating the findings to clients. Whether you're a realtor, potential buyer or condo owner, CCD can simplify the review process and help provide peace of mind (see the links below).

What Clients Say

Glenn proves that this preliminary investment gives a peace of mind to move forward that is second to none. He is so approachable and genuine that I was at ease immediately. Thank you Glenn. I’m looking forward to my new home.

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For Realtors

Protect your client's investment with a condominium review by Calgary Condo Docs (CCD).

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For Condo Buyers

Have confidence in your important investment decision by doing thorough research. Better yet, let CCD do it for you!

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For Condo Sellers

Include an unbiased condo document review in your offering. This speeds the process and raises the buyer's confidence.

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CCD is a Condo-Documents review service provider, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.